Bespoke gifting experiences

Use our server-side and store-front API to build bespoke gifting experiences, unique for your brand. Read, write and edit any Giftnote object with our gifting infrastructure.

Style our widget from the ground up

Place our widget anywhere on your website or app and start capturing gift messages instantly. Developers can easily style our Gifting objects with Javascript and CSS to create the ultimate gifting experience.

Headless accepted

No matter what flavor of Javascript, our widget can be embedded in any experience. We offer a client and server-side API to build a memorable gifting experience.

Reach out today for support and documentation on handling headless Shopify experiences.

Custom integrations

Style your gift messages and widget to match your brand. Customize logos, fonts and colours so that the customer experience is consistent the entire way through.

Webhook & API

Delivered by email or SMS your customers have the freedom for when and how they want their gift message delivered.

We integrate with over 100 delivery carriers globally so gift messages are aligned with parcel delivery.

"We've recently implemented Giftnote across our global stores and have already been thrilled to see immediate customer adoption. Being able to tap into how much of our revenue is coming from our product being gifted on is of huge value to the business."
Julia Teen
Head of Digital @ Bed Threads
"User-friendly and perfectly balanced between customization and simplicity, and it seamlessly integrates with Klaviyo for easy brand personalization without the hassle of learning a new app. Highly recommended!"
Lily Cheng
Head of eCommerce @ Anyday
"Being able to offer an automated gift message option to our customers has totally streamlined our business and massively reduced costs. Cannot recommend more highly - a must for any gifting business!"
Geoff Bannister
Founder @ Dr Dough Donuts

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