Measure your gifting impact

Demystify your orders to know exactly what gifting contributes to for your bottom line. Build insights to grow and nurture your gifting channel for new and repeat customer purchases.

Understand your gifted revenue

Instant insights that enables brands to understand what portion of revenue belongs to gifts. Leverage this data to grow your gifting range, talk to new customers and confidently own your gifting channel.

Acquire more customers

Build new gifting experiences that draws new customers to engage with your brand in ways that were never available.

An amazing gifting experience widens your target audience that attracts new customers.

Merchandise giftable products & ranges

Track what products are gifted most and hero these as part of new gifting ranges. Carry these insights into visual creative and retention campaigns that drive engagement.

Brands who understand most commonly purchased gifts can form bundles that lift average order values.

Convert gift recipients to loyal customers

Selling gifts means you are servicing two customers, not one. Engage your gift recipients with powerful hooks that drive them to become first time or loyal repeat customers.

By using Klaviyo, customers can segment and communicate with recipients in powerful ways to increase life time value.

"We've recently implemented Giftnote across our global stores and have already been thrilled to see immediate customer adoption. Being able to tap into how much of our revenue is coming from our product being gifted on is of huge value to the business."
Julia Teen
Head of Digital @ Bed Threads
"User-friendly and perfectly balanced between customization and simplicity, and it seamlessly integrates with Klaviyo for easy brand personalization without the hassle of learning a new app. Highly recommended!"
Lily Cheng
Head of eCommerce @ Anyday
"Being able to offer an automated gift message option to our customers has totally streamlined our business and massively reduced costs. Cannot recommend more highly - a must for any gifting business!"
Geoff Bannister
Founder @ Dr Dough Donuts

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